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Ridiculously Easy Low-Carb, Vegan Tofu Zoodle Bowls

Ridiculously Easy Low-Carb, Vegan Tofu Zoodle Bowls

When I came home from college for winter break, the first thing I made was tofu. Dorm life had deprived me of a kitchen, and, while the dining hall did offer tofu at the salad bar, I'd missed the whole process of making tofu. I think the drawn-out process, between pressing the tofu, marinating it, and then finally cooking it, lends it a sort of calming feeling. Thus, it was inevitable that I made these Tofu Zoodle bowls, which are vegan, paleo, and low carb—not to mention, like, the easiest thing to whip up. No stress, only wholesome goodness.

 The villains in their proper prison.

Have you guys ever heard of Social Nature? They're a super neat company that'll give you free samples in exchange for reviews of various products. PLUS, they only promote natural products, because they feel people should be encouraged to make healthier, greener choices for the products they use every day. That's what lead to me to stepping on—I mean, discovering—a voucher they mailed me for a free package of Nasoya tofu. Like, I was going to pick up some tofu AnYwAy, but, hey, getting the chance to spread the word about organic options is always a plus.

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Also, I totally recommend Nasoya tofu. The light, springy texture makes for wonderfully chewy tofu, which pairs super well with garlic zoodles. I recently purchased a spiralizer—I know, I know, it was long overdue—and I was suuuper surprised about how easy it was to make these zoodles. Literally, just a few twists and BAM! yummy little green spirals. These Tofu Zoodle Bowls require almost no effort and no more than five ingredietns. Healthy really doesn't get easier than this, loves.

I totally recommend you try out Social Nature and help spread the word about natural, green products. Also try Nasoya next time you're feeling the urge to whip up some tofu. Another of their products I adore? Their Organic Tofu Veggie Dumplings. So good, so filling. 

Ugh. Those are definitely next on the shipping list.

 Hey there little guey. 

Low-Carb, Vegan Tofu Zoodle Bowls


  • Press tofu to squish out all the water, then let sit in a shallow dish of soy sauce and sesame seeds for about an hour or so—just long enough for the tofu to soak up that soy, boy.
  • Spiralize your zucchini, then mix with garlic salt. The relative dampness of the zucchini should enable to salt to stick.
  • Spray a pan with nonstick cooking spray and brown your tofu until crispy.
  • Divvy up the zucchini spirals into four bowls and top with tofu. Tofu Zoodle Bowls for the win.

Prep Time: 2 1/2 Hours

Cook Time: 20 Mins

Servings: 4 Bowls


  • 4 Zucchini
  • 1 Package Nasoya Lite Firm Tofu
  • 5 Tbsp Low Sodium Soy Sauce
  • 1/2 Tbsp Sesame Seeds
  • Garlic Salt

Nature's Bravery

Nature's Bravery

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